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The Krishnakriti Foundation

Krishnakriti was incorporated in the year 2003 with the support of The Kalakriti Art Gallery and The Lahoti Foundation, The mission of the foundation is to promote the cause of art and culture to Hyderabad, India and beyond. The foundation conducts a number of activities towards achieving its mission.

Krishnakriti Foundation is a part of the Kalakriti India brand.

Kalakriti India is an umbrella brand whose mission is to acquire, preserve and promote the art of Indian origin or art that features India as the subject.

Kalakriti India is formed of independent SPV companies that have unique identities and purpose, yet interconnected and working towards the common purpose set by the parent brand.

Kalakriti India comprises of fine art gallery, new art gallery, archives of rare photos and antique maps, alfresco Dining in art environment, art based premium lifestyle products retail and manufacturing facilities.

Hyderabad Festival of Art & Culture:

The Annual Festival of Art & Culture brings to Hyderabad some of the best talent in the world as a showcase of human endeavor and achievement. The Festival is intended to celebrate three abiding refinements of life — art, culture and education — and to share these with as many people as possible. The Festival also offers a plethora of cultural activities, including a classical music Theatre, Art Talk, Screening of movies and a series of talks on the visual arts and their place in contemporary culture. The year 2017 marks the 14th edition of the festival and continues to pioneer the presentation of novel events in art & culture to the denizens of Hyderabad and beyond.

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La Danse Du Paon
Maud & Co.
Book Complimentary Pass
Classical Encounter
Ustad Rashid Khan
Book Complimentary Pass
No Strings Attached
Jagdish Bhatt and Troupe
Book Complimentary Pass
Rhythm Divine II, River Runs Deep
Astad Deboo & Troupe
Book Complimentary Pass


Cities of Sleep
Shaunak Sengupta
Book Complimentary Pass
Desiring The City
Oindrilla Duttagupta
Book Complimentary Pass
The Sculptor
Natraaj Maharshi
Book Complimentary Pass
Bade TV Wala
Avadhoot Khanolkar
Book Complimentary Pass

Workshops & Activity:

Mapping Change in India (2 Days)
Dr. Rahul Chopra
Book Complimentary Pass
Bicycle Treasure Hunt
Book Complimentary Pass
Kathputli Workshop
Jagdish Bhatt
Book Complimentary Pass
Self-Portrait to Selfie
Parthiv Shah
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Exhibitions, Art Talk & Film Talk

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