Artistic Expressions in all Forms


The Krishnakriti Festival is the first and the largest, modern, contemporary Art and Cultural Kumbh in Hyderabad. It was initiated in 2003 with the soul purpose of bringing in the best artistic talent from across the world to the Hyderabad audiences. The Festival has brought Hyderabad on the global art map with over 5000 visitors each year.

Art Collaboration

Heritage Walks

Hyderabad Walks is an initiative of the Foundation to explore and connect with the city of Hyderabad in interdisciplinary ways. As part of a cultural education and outreach, the foundation is partnering with various government organizations a series of walks, workshops, interactions and study groups are being developed for both students and the public.

Kalakriti Archive

The Foundation houses one of the largest private collections of India, great number of vintage photographs and rare maps of South Asia. The Archives treasure the photographs by Raja Deen Dayal, the doyen of Indian photography.


Krishnakriti Foundation has given assistance to over 200 students from art colleges and universities across India. Along with the French Embassy in India, the Foundation has been running a fellowship programme over the last 10 years, sponsoring the studies of talented art students to study fine arts and architecture at some of the finest educational institutes of France.

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About Us

The Krishnakriti Foundation, established in 2003 in the memory of Shri Krishnachandra B. Lahoti, purposes itself on the philosophy of three abiding refinements of life—art, culture and education. To share these with as many people as possible, the Foundation is engaged in a range of activities to support and collaborate with emerging artists, endangered art traditions and artisan communities.