Hues of Will – Krishnakriti Initiative

An exhibition of artworks produced by the Chanchalguda and Cherlapally jail inmates.

Ongoing Preview at Kalakriti Art Gallery

Guided Walk in the Exhibition


Walking A Munn map Trails, Conversations & Collective Exploration
8.00am, Date: 13th January, 2018
Shiva Temple, Old City
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Of Thugs & Gypsies, A Story Walk
8.00am, Date: 14th January, 2018
Kalakriti Art Café, Road No.10 Banjara Hills
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Dastan-e-Ishq A story gathering at Taramati Baradari
20th January 2018, 8.00 am to 10.00 am
Taramati Baradari
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A story walk at The British Residency
21st January 2018, 8.00 am to 10.00 am
The British Residency
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The Krishnakriti Foundation

Krishnakriti was incorporated in the year 2003 with the support of the Kalakriti Art Gallery and the Lahoti Foundation, The mission of the foundation is to promote the cause of art and culture in Hyderabad, India and beyond. The foundation conducts a number of activities towards achieving its mission.

Krishnakriti Foundation is a part of the Kalakriti India brand.

Kalakriti India is an umbrella brand whose mission is to acquire, preserve and promote the art of Indian origin or art that features India as the subject.

Kalakriti India is formed of independent SPV companies that have unique identities and purpose, yet interconnected and working towards the common purpose set by the parent brand.

Kalakriti India comprises of fine art gallery, new art gallery, archives of rare photos and antique maps, al fresco dining in an artistic environment, art based premium lifestyle products retail and manufacturing facilities.

Krishnakriti Festival 2018

The Krishnakriti Festival is the biggest cultural Festival in Hyderabad and 2018 will mark its 15th anniversary. The Festival, established by The Kalakriti Art Gallery and the Lahoti Foundation draws over 5000 visitors each year at multiple venues spread across the city. It is the first modern, contemporary art festival, which has kept Hyderabad on the global art map. Krishnakriti is focused on bringing in the best artistic talent from across the world for Hyderabad audiences.

The 2018 Krishnakriti festival will be themed around maps and cartography – a lifeline that describes cityscapes and landscapes and is somewhat at the cross-section of art and science. Designed with art exhibitions, workshops, art talks, discussions, digital-multimedia shows and performances, Krishnakriti 2018 will be a unique amalgam of science and the arts, another characteristic of the city of Hyderabad where culture mingles with technology easily.

A special highlight of the 2018 festival will be the unveiling of the Munn Maps, a set of over 300 maps of the city of Hyderabad by Colonel Leonard Munn who was an Army Engineer and responsible for setting up telegraph infrastructure and detailed geographical surverys in India. Munn Maps were commissioned by the Nizam after the devastating floods in the early 1900s. It took three years to complete the project. On the occasion of Krishnakriti Festival, this set of rare maps will be on the Google Art Project which is a special initiative of the Google company to promote world art and heritage.

The Festival will also host a dramatic exhibition on historic maps and cartography, featuring over 75 rare objects from the collection of the Prshant Lahoti Maps Collection housed in the Kalakriti Archive.

An array of contemporary art shows by artists inspired by the idea of mapping will add a modern twist. Hands-on workshops on using modern mapping tools will be an exciting new addition this year.

An array of contemporary art shows by artists inspired from the idea of mapping will add a modern twist. Hands-on workshops on using modern mapping tools will be an exciting new addition this year.

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